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HalfPriceCellphones.ca is a premier global platform where you can buy new and used cell phones with confidence. Before building HalfPriceCellphones.ca, we have spent a huge time in building a reputation as the most reliable cell phone seller in different parts of the globe.  Because of the relationships cultivated for over a decade, we are now able to not only source inventory directly from carriers, manufacturers, and big box retailers, but we have also partners in several regions of the world, to connect you directly with your loved ones via our cellphones. 

While we understand that from a variety of refurbished cellphones including iphones, samsung and other android devices, you can get a massive value for your money as these phones are getting very very expensive and might hurt your pocket in a big way. 

Halfpricecellphones Certified Refurbished

Every cell phone we sell not only goes through an extensive 70 point diagnostic test with PhoneCheck and but we manually test its battery health so make sure all the devices we sale fully functional and up to the mark. We guarantee that any personal data is removed and that the cell phone is all set to give you a better experience. 

Our Aim

Aiming to make sure that our customers get their hands on the latest flagship available in the market at cheaper rates. Revoking them of any constraints whilst making sure they avail the peak of technology. HalfPriceCellphones.ca make sure that our products satisfy your needs in cheap prices and look new at the same time.

What we do?

We at HalfPriceCellphones.ca make sure that you get your hands on the latest flagships at cheap rates and fully functional condition. Our QA team makes sure that your product is both markets competitive and cheap at the same time. Buying a phone from HalfPriceCellphones.ca not only saves you money but you get to use the latest cell phones at affordable rates on timely deliveries.

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