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Why Buy?

Comprehensive Grading System

Our grading system ensures that the phones are graded carefully and our customers know what they’re buying.

We classify our phones in different categories, details of which are mentioned below

We at halfpricecellphones.ca are specialized in providing the remarkable quality cellphones sourced from different regions around the globe. Each phone is thoroughly tested through our state-of-the-art testing facility. Where each phone is stress tested under different conditions to ensure the quality of each of our product is up to the mark.

Why buy Refurbished Cellphones?

Brand New Seal Packed Phones are getting more and more expensive day by day and buying a new flagship phones is a charm not everyone can afford. 

With this, halfpricecellphones.ca offers top quality refurbished phones that perform phenomenally well but cost much less as compared to a new phone. Plus you don’t need to worry about warranty because we offer a FREE 3 Months Warranty with every device we sell. So buy a refurbished cellphone now and enjoy this amazing treat to your life.  

All our refurbished phones are thoroughly tested and repaired if needed in any case to make sure that you get the best value for your money.

Why choose a Refurbished Phone?

Refurbished VS New Phones

Refurbished phones offer more value for money in comparison to New phones, moreover, flagship devices from big brands fall under budget hence, buying refurbished cellphone will give you the same pleasure of a flagship device but will hurt your pocket far less than a new box packed cellphone. 

In addition to this, you get latest available updated OS version available for each model pre-installed whereas, you’d have to manually download the update in your new phone. 

Refurbished VS Used Phones

Buying a refurbished phone is a very smart choice as there is the used cellphones have not been under any Quality Assurance test, making their performance and quality really ambiguous. 

Plus, there is no warranty, no easy return process, poor functionality and performance along with heavy signs of usage when it comes to buying a used phone. 

We offer discounts against prices from Market's well known retailers

We make sure that the product you buy is in the upmost of its form

100% Data Wipe on all devices
12 Months Warranty available
71 Point Check on ALL Phones
No Lost or Stolen Phones sold
With 14 Days Easy Return Policy
  • Battery
  • Screen
  • Functionality
  • Data Security


It’s no secret that phone batteries degrade over time, but some last longer than others. PhoneCheck determines the remaining life of the battery, as well as identifying any potential faults.


PhoneCheck determines whether there are any LCD bright spots on the screen, as well as checking the LCD digitizer (the part that actually displays images), ForceTouch and 3D Touch.

On top of this, we also carry out our own checks for chips, cracks and scratches, as well as liquid damage, screen burn, discoloration and green frame.


  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth connectivity
  • GPS/location services
  • Proximity sensor
  • Vibration (functionality and strength of vibration)
  • Button functionality (power/home/volume/back/menu)
  • Audio (speakers/earpiece/microphone/headphone jack/front microphone)
  • Cameras (front & back camera)
  • Test calls
  • Accelerometer (which measures movement)
  • Touch ID
  • Memory and SD card slot
  • Video recording
  • SIM card reader


PhoneCheck contains a fast and efficient data wiping process that allows us to remove all data from a phone PERMANENTLY including…

  • Photos
  • GPS & Maps
  • SD Cards
  • Browser Search History
  • Social Media Chat Logs

Our Grades

Like New: Although these devices are categorized under the used ones, but they are as brand new as a freshly unboxed phone. They have no sign of use and are at the best of their quality.

Grade A+: These phones look brand new in the first glance but very minor scratches might appear upon a very close examination.

Grade A: Phones in this category have minor signs of use such as scratches or little dents on the sides but the functionality of each phone is tested and assured by our Quality Assurance Professionals. 

Grade B: These phones look brand new in the first glance but very minor scratches might appear upon a very close examination.

Grade C: These phones have heavy signs of use such as a few scratches on the back or on the side of the screen but each phone is tested and is in perfect working condition.

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